Ysummit 2010


Ysummit is the very first youth conference in Singapore aiming to connect, empower and inspire young Vietnamese students and professionals to take the lead in the future waves of challenges. The summit serves as the starting point of a long-term plan, with a vision of building a platform (Yplatform) where Vietnamese youths can find mutual voices and seek support to realize their ideas, and creating a powerful network of committed and empowered individuals who keep Vietnam close to their heart and wish to support her progress in different ways.

It is the first of its series of events targeting Vietnamese youths, and strives to accomplish:

1. An insightful and engaging exchange of ideas and experiences from Vietnamese people from different walks of lives.

2. A realization by each participant of different ways to align their personal development to the development of the country.

3. The first step to a network of committed and empowered individuals which will serve as a platform (Yplatform) for its member to materialize their ideas.


Our Ysummit has various topics to cater to different needs of people from all walks of life. We want to make sure that every participant can make the best out of this experience!


Please see Program for more details.



How did we start?

In late 2009, some young passionate Vietnamese started to visualize an idea of a platform (Yplatform) where any talented and passionate Vietnamese youth can find mutual voices and gain supports from fellow countrymen to materialize ideas that can create impacts on various aspects of Vietnam.


In order to build up the network and resources for such a platform (Yplatform), the team initiated a series of events including:
- Conferences to foster exchange of knowledge, ideas and contacts;
- Case competitions to put those ideas into test;
- And ultimately, sustainable projects brought together by like-minded individuals to realize the initial ideas.


With that in mind, Ysummit 2010 serves as a kick-start event for the above-mentioned series as well as a milestone that marks the existence of such an initiative. Essentially, the purpose of our existence is to connect, inspire, and empower young Vietnamese people to take the lead in the future waves of challenges, particularly those specific to the development of Vietnam. Leveraging on our core values of passion, leadership activation, sustainability, innovation, and diversity, we strive to build a powerful network, firstly for Vietnamese professionals and students in Singapore and possibly around the world if circumstances favor us.


At Yplatform, it’s not so much about YOU joining US. It’s more that WE exchange our visions and passions, finding some common grounds, doing something together, and improvising along the way...