General Discussion 1


- Create a strong awareness of Youth's Roles and Influences in the Vietnam's Prosperity

- Inspire and Challenge Youth's Mission through Successful Vietnamese's stories

- Mapping a clearer picture of  how to translate Youth's Talents into Meaningful impacts for Vietnam


Language used: Vietnamese


Program Flow:

- Sharing by speakers

- Panel Discussion (facilitated by moderator)

- Q&A from audience





Mdm. Pham Chi Lan

Former Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister of Vietnam

Former Vice President, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI)


Since 1996, Mdm. Pham Chi Lan has been working with the Prime Minister's Research Commission (PMRC), which is the government's think-tank on economic reform and developmental issues. She has spent 37 years working with and for the business community of Vietnam and assisted in the formulation of various business laws and policies as well as contributed to the opening up and development of trade relations between Vietnam and foreign businesses in Asia, Europe, Oceania and America.


Mdm. Pham's professional interests include business development, particularly the development of private sector and SMEs, economic reform and the international integration process of Vietnam.

Dr. Vu Minh Khuong, PhD

Assistant Professor, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (National University of Singapore)


Dr. Vu Minh Khuong has joined Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy as Assistant Professor since 2006. His research interest concern economic growth, productivity, competitiveness and the related issues such as the impact of ICT, e-government, and economic integration. Dr. Khuong has published his articles in a wide range of international publications, including Journal of Scandinavian Journal of Economics, German Economics Review, Energy Policy, and Journal of Policy Modeling. He has provided consulting services to IMF, World Bank, IFC, USAID, KPMG, Monetary Authority of Singapore, and Infocomm Authority of Singapore.

Dr. Vu Minh Khuong is from Vietnam, where he has held positions of CEO of Songcam Chemical Company, Chief Economic Adviser to the Mayor of Haiphong City, Vice-Chairman of Dinhvu Economic Zone, and Research Fellow at the Prime Minister’s Research Commission. Dr. Khuong had served in the Vietnamese army for three years (1981-1983) before he began his professional career. He received PhD (in Public Policy) and MBA degrees from Harvard University and BA in Mathematics from Hanoi University. Dr. Khuong has previously taught at Suffolk University (Boston) and Keio University (Tokyo).

Dr. Khuong's teaching portfolio centers on public policy analysis, financial management, and economic development. He has been giving talks about the duties as well as opportunities of the new generations of Vietnamese youths in this era.

Ms. Nguyen Thuy Uyen Phuong

Managing Director, IPL (Institute of Potential Leaders)

Managing Director, OneBook &

Founder & Former Managing Director, VN8X


Uyen Phuong obtained her Bachelor degree in International Business in Vietnam and subsequently received her Master in Business and Marketing Management from Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, Université Libre de Bruxelles. Passionate about the community welfare, Uyen Phuong left her corporate career and has been developing herself through social initiatives. Actively and enthusiastically, she plays important roles in various meaningful projects including being Managing Director of IPL (Institute of Potential Leaders), an educational institution aiming to develop the most outstanding young Vietnamese with leadership potential, and an organizer of international and national seminars and conferences, aiming to link the world greatest minds such as Professor Philip Kotler, Professor Michael Porter and Professor Paul Krugman to Vietnam. Definitely, her continuous efforts and contributions to these happening projects promise lots of insightful experiences and stories that you should never miss.