Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Ysummit?

Ysummit is a very first Vietnam Youth Conference in Singapore. The event helps inaugurate a platform (Yplatform) where Vietnamese youths can find mutual voices and resources they need to make their dreams come true.

Our Ysummit is not the kind of conference where you just come and keep listening to the speakers. Here we try to make the experience as interactive as possible. Besides, we also have various topics to cater to different needs of people from all walks of life. We want to make sure that every participant can make the best out of this experience!


2. Is Ysummit for Vietnamese / Vietnamese-speaking community only?

Definitely not! Although our main objective is to help Vietnamese youths discover opportunities to groom their talents for Vietnam, we also welcome those who are not Vietnamese but hold strong interest in Vietnam’s development.

However, it is to noted that although the main language will be English, some (but not all) of the panels might be conducted in Vietnamese. All information regarding the language in each panel will be available to applicants in due time for them to they make the best choice of panels to attend.


3. How to apply?

Our online application form will be open from 22nd October to 23:59 5th November 2010. Click HERE to apply.

In order to make the event interactive, we will select only 150 participants from the pool of applicants from both Singapore and Vietnam. There is no quota for participants from each country; we will focus mainly on the suitability of the participants in terms of their interest and how they would benefit from attending our conference. For applicants who are not in Singapore, we will inform you the result as soon as possible starting from on 30th October so that you can have more time to prepare for the trip. For those who are in Singapore, the results will be out after the application deadline.


4. Why do I need to pay to attend event?

Since we value our efforts, and we value yours. We think 10SGD/15SGD is an adequate amount given the time and effort we put in to make it happen. Since this is a non-profit event, all the registration fees will strictly be used to cover part of the event's expenses such as speakers transportation, accommodation, logistics amongst others. In addition, lunch and refreshments will also be provided on the event as well.


5. How to pay the fee?

We'll be contacting you regarding collecting participation fee once your application has been approved.


6. What should I do if I want to join the organizing team of the event?

We have received enquires from enthusiastic folks who are so interested they would want to join the organization team (Yay!). Since the organizing team for this event has been fixed, we would take note of your interest for our line-up events after this Ysummit (Did we mention that we have a whole host of events in the pipeline waiting for awesome individuals like yourselves to contribute and shine?). If you are interested to know more about us or hope to contribute in any way to our Yplatform, please drop us an email at


7. Are there any other follow-up activities for Ysummit?

Ysummit is the just first of a series of events in a pipeline which will target Vietnamese youth in order to build up resources for a platform (Yplatform) where young Vietnamese people can find mutual voices and seek support to realize their ideas.

Our upcoming event will be the Ychallenge 2011 - a business case competition to engage youth in the future of corporate business in Vietnam. Joining Ysummit will be the first step towards your participation in the upcoming events including Ychallenge. We will update you with more information about Ychallenge progress very soon after Ysummit.


8. Will the conference be in English or Vietnamese?

The main language will be English. However, some (but not all) of the panels might be conducted in Vietnamese. All information regarding the language in each panel will be available to applicants in due time for them to they make the best choice of panels to attend.


9. I want to attend the conference but I don't stay in Singapore. Will there be any help from the organizers' side?

Financially, overseas participants will need to prepare for their flight to Singapore, as well as all related fees incurred by their stay in Singapore. Other than that, the organizers do have a dedicated team to guide foreign audience through the entire stay in Singapore. 

Furthermore, if you don't mind, we can try to arrange for you to stay with our organizers (we are students) so that you can further save the accomodation cost.